Among the many, MANY things that Murf, the very fuzzy dog, enjoys tremendously, running alongside his not-quite-as-fuzzy two-legger’s bicycle is all the way up there with wolfing down raw lamb shanks, receiving tummy rubs, and chasing lizards in the shrubbery down the block. Running alongside the bike is definitely in Murf’s Top Five Of Most Aussomest Thingies Ever. (Correct grammar isn’t, but hey, he’s a dog.)

Murf Selfie Chance has it that cycling ranks among Murf’s two-legger’s Top Five as well, and since she isn’t particularly into running alongside the bicycle, there is some potential for content teamwork forming.

To celebrate their 5-year Murf-iversary along with the two-legger’s 10-year immigration-iversary, and to tackle a team challenge of rather massive proportions, Murf and his two-legger have decided to join the ranks of (to date) about 15 (or so) end-to-end finishers and to cycle the entire East Coast Greenway in spring/summer of 2017. If successful, Murf might become the first dog ever to experience this 2,900-mile journey that will guide the canine-human-bicycle trifecta through 15 states and past some of the
countries most memorable sceneries and through some of its most beautiful cities.

This blog will chronicle the extensive preparation and – of course – the entire trip that’ll likely take four months to complete. Share the excitement, the headaches (and the butt-aches, let’s be honest…), the solutions and the exhilaration with us as we set out to explore the entire East Coast bright-eyed (both of us) and bubble-tailed (one of us) and full of curiosity of what lies ahead. :-)